White Pine

from by Marcus Eugene



My brother told me all about the white pine blister rust
and he said the bark beetle's bite hurts like hell
Well, I'm just as tall and I'm just as rough
and any chance I stood sat down when he fell
so I count the witches' brooms and the bloody needle tips
and the sum comes up at the end of each damn day
but our mama told me once with time between her lips
that everything is nothing but change.
So, I will go.

I hate the sound of a slap laid down from the lightning on a mountain's face
but the scar speaks for the flash in a sacred moan
that there's beauty in what is brief and even more in what we waste
like the blue in a sea of black that lives alone
so when it's my time to fall, to bleed and to break
I only ask you one simple thing
don't say it was enough or that I've gone to a better place
just hold your head in your hands and let regret sing.
Oh, let me go.

If I could I would stay right here,
so let me go.

And though futile my fight might feel
I've still got to try
while I've still got time
to make it all a little worth while


from With Tongue & Teeth, released September 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Marcus Eugene Boise, Idaho

Born a bold jumping spider, Marcus Eugene devoured his mother for the sake of life with a lute. However, the jury ruled it not an act of love for music, but of hatred for mothers--and sentenced him to be smushed between two Boise city buses. So, Marcus stole threads of Folk, Country, Blues, and Rock, spun a sleeping bag, and skipped town. Please contact local authorities if you've seen him. ... more

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