The Rest

I've decided to swim the sands
Pull on through to another space
Break the glass with open hands
Scatter the hour all over the place

Waves collide and we watch each side
as the sand is moistened and the waves are dried
No more time, it's all a mess
No more rhymes 'cause you know the rest

I've decided to break the strings
Snap the tethers of this company
Pound the keys just to hear them scream
and hope the noise is a comfort to me

Waves collide and we watch each side
as the ears are tickled and I lose my mind
No more time it's all a mess
No more rhymes 'cause here comes the rest


from With Tongue & Teeth, released September 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Marcus Eugene Boise, Idaho

Born a bold jumping spider, Marcus Eugene devoured his mother for the sake of life with a lute. However, the jury ruled it not an act of love for music, but of hatred for mothers--and sentenced him to be smushed between two Boise city buses. So, Marcus stole threads of Folk, Country, Blues, and Rock, spun a sleeping bag, and skipped town. Please contact local authorities if you've seen him. ... more

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