The Patio Song

from by Marcus Eugene



The Patio Song

I'm tired of today
and the night seems it won't end
No promise for tomorrow,
but that's how it's always been

Now I'm talking to my future
in the past a present tense
and everything I'm saying
to him doesn't make any sense

I'm tired of the pitch--
don't want what this nature has to sell
Cuz I'm crying for the two-tone
but you know better than to tell

And so we watch the rain with envy
and lay down love in our defense
And though the scene seems quite perfect
it just doesn't make any sense

And I'm not trying to sound upset
I'm just looking for a change
And I know you want a life
You know I want the same

It's not that I am discontent
I just want things to make a little sense.


from With Tongue & Teeth, released September 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Marcus Eugene Boise, Idaho

Born a bold jumping spider, Marcus Eugene devoured his mother for the sake of life with a lute. However, the jury ruled it not an act of love for music, but of hatred for mothers--and sentenced him to be smushed between two Boise city buses. So, Marcus stole threads of Folk, Country, Blues, and Rock, spun a sleeping bag, and skipped town. Please contact local authorities if you've seen him. ... more

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