Sink Into My Stomach

from by Marcus Eugene



Sink Into My Stomach

I ignore the fault lines
running through my head
they fall down my throat
and knot up my neck
children are killed
in the most graphic dreams
I sink into my stomach
and scream

I'm told I'm a jerk
and that I don't seem real
I'm constantly asked
how I feel--I don't feel
The settled confusion
is worse than it seems
I sink into my stomach
and scream

I had a dream
that a woman was sad
Her babies were bruised
by a friend who'd gone mad
My mind is filled
with most shocking scenes
I sink into my stomach
and scream


from With Tongue & Teeth, released September 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Marcus Eugene Boise, Idaho

Born a bold jumping spider, Marcus Eugene devoured his mother for the sake of life with a lute. However, the jury ruled it not an act of love for music, but of hatred for mothers--and sentenced him to be smushed between two Boise city buses. So, Marcus stole threads of Folk, Country, Blues, and Rock, spun a sleeping bag, and skipped town. Please contact local authorities if you've seen him. ... more

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